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"You're Never wrong to do the right thing" - Mark Twain

We Strive for Compliance

We at Allegiant Capital Recovery Services strive to ensure our collection agents not only work ethically, but also with a sense of professionalism. With quality assurance as the "tip of the spear" to all contact made with our clients and consumers, we focus on the comprehensive ongoing training of our team to ensure paramount satisfaction in the turbulent skies of our industry. All of our calls are recorded for both conducive training and regulatory compliance monitoring.

Allegiant Capital Recovery Services provides industry leading collection procedures. If for any reason, you have felt that we have not performed to this standard, we urge you to contact us. We will make every effort to contact you in order to address the issue you may be having.

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you have a concern, we are here to help!

Why are you calling my cell phone?

As we are not made aware of the phone number(s) you may have provided prior to our collections efforts. Simply contact us by phone, mail, or e-mail to have the phone number removed. Please note, it may take 48 hours for us to completely purge the phone number from our system.

May I make a payment arrangement on my account?

In short - Yes, you may. Please keep in mind however, our client(s) dictate the length of payment plans. We will assist you in assuming the best payment plan that fits your financial abilities though.

Will paying my account off help my credit?

Although we are not a credit reporting bureau, we will ensure you are assisted in repairing your credit score. Our client(s) are notified immediately of your account being resolved. Additionally, you are provided a paid letter that may be presented to all 3 major credit reporting bureaus proving your account is now in a satisfactory status.

Allegiant Capital Recovery is PCI Compliant
Allegiant Capital Recovery is an Everchain Certified Network Member
Allegiant Capital Recovery is a certified Debt Trader